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"Computing is too important to be left to men."
Karen Spärck Jones

Women are underrepresented in computing not because they aren't good with computers but because they are never given the opportunity to fall in love with them. The Code Girls' goal is to create fun, educational games geared toward younger girls that will teach them the basics of how programs work. Using an easily readable language like Python, girls will code their way through the platform challenges and create fully functioning programs as they progress.

Code Girls present Octavia and the Clockwork Code is the first game in the series. It tells the tale of 12-year-old Octavia, a precocious tween who sets out to win a mechanical competition. Along the way she codes her way through puzzles and helps out friends and competition alike.

The Code Girls is a fledgling startup created by three women who are passionate about women in computing.

Lindsey - The Creator

Founder, primary coder and herder of cats. Lindsey always wanted a game like this when she was growing up. Now that she's tecnhically grown up, she decided to take the idea into her own hands.

Ava - The Teacher

Our resident little girl expert. Ava has a Masters in Education and a passion for teaching children using methods that create a deeper understanding.

Alyssa - The Storyteller

World builder and character flaw creator. Alyssa creates and drives the stories we tell. She lives and breathes the Code Girl worlds.